News (with date when news was posted)

WEB EVENT: The Swedish SPR has arranged a lecture by John Kruth, Healing research, the biofield and electromagnetic radiation are biophotons and ultraviolet light involved? The lecture will be viewable on Zoom 26 January, 2021. Read more
Netflix will air a docuseries based on the book Surviving Death by Leslie Kean. The series will be available 6 January, 2021. Read more
The Walrus has published an article, Why Do We See Dead People?, by Patricia Pearson. Read more
Michael Tymn has written a three-part series about ectoplasm. Read more
Anabela Cardoso is looking for well-founded reports suggestive of animal survival after physical death. Read more
London Review of Books has published a review, by Alison Light, of The Haunting of Alma Fielding: A True Ghost Story. Read more
Dr Jeffrey Mishlove continues to upload interesting talks with researchers on his YouTube channel Read more
CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: Advances in Mediumship Research Read more
EVENT: Galileo Commission Summit and Book Launch, co-chaired by David Lorimer, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Prof Marjorie Woollacott, and Prof Bernard Carr, 4-5 December, 2020. Read more
Dr Gregory Shushan has written an article about near-death experiences for Medium. Read more