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14 Jun 2020
Entries are still being added to the Psi Encyclopedia, recent additions include entries about Dutch Children Who Remember a Previous Life, Göran Brusewitz, Rex G. Stanford, Wellington Zangari and Everton Maraldi. Read more
7 May 2020
Call for Chapters: Is There Life After Death? Edited by Dr Leo Ruickbie and Robert McLuhan for the Society for Psychical Research. Read more
25 Apr 2020
Dr Andreas Summer has uploaded a talk to YouTube, Poltergeist Phenomena & the History of Science: Part 1. Read more
25 Apr 2020
Kettle's Yard has uploaded a talk to YouTube by Frank Bowles, Archivist at Cambridge University Library. Read more
25 Apr 2020
Greg Daugherty has written an article, Talking to the Dead: How the 1918 Pandemic Spurred a Spiritualism Craze, for History. Read more
25 Apr 2020
Mark Mahin has written a blog post Many an Apparition Is Seen by More Than One Read more
24 Apr 2020
Inside Croydon has published a blog post, Poltergeist investigation discovers Croydon’s haunted bar Read more
19 Apr 2020
SPR Council member Steven Parsons recently appeared on Spooky Isles to talk about investigations and more. Read more
19 Apr 2020
Trevor Hamilton has been awarded a Ph.D. for his dissertation: A critical examination of the methodology and evidence of the first and second generation elite leaders of the Society for Psychical Research with particular reference to the life, work and ideas of Frederic WH Myers and his colleagues and to the assessment of the automatic writings allegedly produced post-mortem by him and others (the cross-correspondences) Read more
13 Apr 2020
The Parapsychological Association has uploaded Dr Leo Ruickbie's talk Victorian Ghost Hunters in the 21st Century on YouTube. Read more