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7 Mar 2019
Prof. John Poynton, former President of the SPR, has written an entry about Emanuel Swedenborg for the Psi Encyclopedia. Read more
26 Feb 2019
The New Yorker has published an interesting article about John Barker and premonitions of the Aberfan disaster. Read more
22 Feb 2019
Dr Julia Mossbridge has written an article about premonitions and her new book, The Premonition Code, for the Daily Mail. Read more
20 Feb 2019
LECTURE: Dr Ciaran O’Keeffe will give a talk, An examination of Psychic Criminology, 5 March, 2019, Goldsmiths University of London. Further information here. Read more
15 Feb 2019
Adelina Trusca at the London Metropolitan University is conducting an online study concerning near-death experiences, however, all are welcome to participate. Further information here. Read more
12 Feb 2019
Leslie Price has written an article about Emma Hardinge Britten for the Sunday Tribune Read more
11 Feb 2019
LECTURE: Frank Bowles will give a talk, Investigating the paranormal: the archives of the SPR, 13 March, 2019, Cambridge University Library. Further information here. Read more
7 Feb 2019
CONFERENCE: Science and Spiritualism, 1750-1930, 30-31 May 2019, Leeds Trinity University. Further information here. Read more
1 Feb 2019
Sebastian Penraeth has shared his thoughts about the Psi Encyclopedia on the Open Sciences website. Read more
21 Jan 2019
Dr Steve Taylor, who blogs for Psychology Today has written an article of interest: Open-Minded Science If the evidence for psi is convincing, why isn't it more widely accepted? Read more