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News (with date when news was posted)

2 Dec 2019
Fiona Bowie has reviewed the SPR study day Making Space for Psi. Read more
29 Nov 2019
SeaCoastOnline has published an article about SPR Council member Steve Parsons visit to an allegedly haunted house. Read more
10 Nov 2019
The Psychic News digital archive for years 1932 to 1967 is now finally available online again, for free full-text searching through the University of Manitoba digital collections website. Read more
8 Nov 2019
The New York Times recently included an article, One Photographer’s Exploration of the Paranormal, about Shannon Taggart and her new book Séance. Read more
8 Nov 2019
The Harvard Crimson recently published an article about psychical research: The Lingering Spirit of William James. Read more
8 Nov 2019
"T. C. Goodsort" has started a petition: Save the American Society for Psychical Research! Read more
6 Nov 2019
Dr Jeffrey Mishlove recently talked with Dr Carlos Alvarado on New Thinking Allowed. They talked about Camille Flammarion, President of the SPR in 1923. Read more
24 Oct 2019
Dave Roos has written an article about the spirit photographer William Mumler. Read more
24 Oct 2019
BBC Radio Wales recently aired an interesting program Mysticism and Mourning: How Wales turned to Spiritualism after World War One Read more
15 Oct 2019
Dr Andreas Sommer has written a blog post about the book Hitler's Monsters and German parapsychologists. Read more