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28 Oct 2020
Sarah Cox has interviewed Prof. Chris French, known for his research on anomalistic psychology. Read more
25 Oct 2020
BBC Radio 4 has selected The Haunting of Alma Fielding: A True Ghost Story, by Kate Summerscale, as Book of the Week and will air five episodes about it Read more
23 Oct 2020
ONLINE EVENT: Kate Summerscale is going to give a talk about her book, The Haunting of Alma Fielding, 29 October, 2020. Read more
17 Oct 2020
BBC Radio 4 will broadcast a series of programs about ghosts. Read more
30 Sep 2020
LECTURE: SPR President Prof. Chris Roe will give a talk, Recent Developments in Parapsychology, 6 October, 2020. Read more
19 Sep 2020
The Guardian has published an interesting extract from Kate Summerscale's forthcoming book, The Haunting of Alma Fielding. Read more
18 Sep 2020
LECTURE: SPR Council member Dr Callum Cooper will give a talk, The Psi Wars: Data and Communication vs Beliefs, 29 September, 2020. Read more
16 Sep 2020
The Journal of Scientific Exploration has published an obituary for Mary Rose Barrington. Read more
5 Sep 2020
Dr Andreas Sommer has shared an important book chapter, James and Psychical Research in Context, on his blog. Read more
3 Sep 2020
Survey – Does Spiritualism prove life after death? Read more