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23 May 2017
The latest issue of the Instituto de Psicología's Paranormal e-bulletin contains references to SPR members. Read more
17 May 2017
Dr Terence Palmer speaks about the SPR in a New Thinking Allowed video. Read more
16 May 2017
The deadline for applications to the SPR's Research Fund is 1 June. Read more
12 May 2017
Sharon A Hill has written an article on the Stone Tape Theory which references several SPR members. Read more
11 May 2017
SPR members, including Prof. Chris Roe, will be participating in the Scientific & Medical Network's 'Beyond the Brain' conference in October 2017. Read more
9 May 2017
Blogger Michael Prescott presents extracts from David Fontana's book Is there an Afterlife? dealing with medium Leslie Flint. Read more
6 May 2017
Student Ronnie Woods has written an article about spirit photography which mentions the SPR. Read more
3 May 2017
S. Alexander Hardison writes on the state of parapsychology, noting the SPR's significant contributions. Read more
26 Apr 2017
SPR vice-president Professor Bernard Carr will be speaking at the Sir Arthur Doyle Centre in Edinburgh on the subject of 'Making Space and Time for Mind and Spirit'. Read more
25 Apr 2017
Issue three of Francisco C. Picón's Spanish-language online journal Diario de Ciencias Psíquicas contains numerous references to the SPR. Read more