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30 Jun 2017
White Crow Books has published an extract from a classic book which contains numerous references to the SPR. Read more
27 Jun 2017
SPR member Ashley Knibb has produced a structured notebook to assist paranormal researchers document their investigations. Read more
25 Jun 2017
Dr Carlos Alvarado has published an article on early psychology congresses, in which SPR personnel were heavily involved. Read more
24 Jun 2017
SPR Council member Guy Lyon Playfair has an article in the Journal of Nonlocality on the subject of 'Monozygotic twins and macro-entanglement'. Read more
23 Jun 2017
A book by Walter A. Carrithers, Jr. on the Hodgson Report commissioned by the SPR to examine Madame Blavatsky has just appeared. Read more
21 Jun 2017
Historian Dr Carlos Alvarado has written a paper on psychical research and the early international congresses of psychology which refers extensively to the SPR. Read more
19 Jun 2017
Dr Sean O' Donnell has added to his blog the text of his recent talk given to the SPR on uniting psi to science - or pre-call to space-time. Read more
10 Jun 2017
An article on the EsoterX website recounts a ghostly encounter in India reported in the SPR's Journal. Read more
10 Jun 2017
Fotini Pallikari has published a paper discussing a survival test by Angelos Tanagras in which the SPR participated. Read more
6 Jun 2017
Renaud Evrard has blogged about his contributions to the SPR's Psi Encyclopedia. Read more