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25 Apr 2017
Issue three of Francisco C. Picón's Spanish-language online journal Diario de Ciencias Psíquicas contains numerous references to the SPR. Read more
24 Apr 2017
Craig Weiler cites the SPR's Psi Encyclopedia in an article on extremely low frequency waves and psychic abilities. Read more
21 Apr 2017
Professor Caroline Watt of the Koestler Parapsychology Unit celebrates the SPR's Eleanor Sidgwick. Read more
21 Apr 2017
Tim Prasil discusses an SPR investigation in which Arthur Conan Doyle participated. Read more
19 Apr 2017
The 2017 SPR International Annual Conference will take place in East Horsley, Leatherhead, over the weekend 1-3 September. Read more
13 Apr 2017
Cambridge University Library has an online catalogue of the SPR's archive, which it looks after. Read more
9 Apr 2017
Construction of the SPR's Psi Open Data project is underway, with the aim of launching this summer. Read more
2 Apr 2017
The Curious Fortean Blog has an article on Iris Farczady; it refers to the article on her which appeared in the SPR's Journal. Read more
30 Mar 2017
The 'Planet X Approaches' website has a short article focusing on the SPR's Psi Encyclopedia. Read more
29 Mar 2017
The April issue of Psychic News has a short article on the SPR's Psi Encyclopedia. Read more