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17 Jul 2017
A short documentary based on SPR Council member Dr Zofia Weaver's book on Polish medium Franek Kluski is on YouTube. Read more
17 Jul 2017
The Society for Psychical Research conference in September is to be held at the neo-Gothic De Vere Horsley estate, just outside London. Is it haunted? Read more
10 Jul 2017
SPR Council member Adrian Ryan will be presenting the Society's Psi Open Project at the Parapsychological Association Convention in Athens. Read more
8 Jul 2017
SPR member Dr David Luke has a new book out from Muswell Hill Press. Read more
6 Jul 2017
Rupert Matthews, Member of the European Parliament and prolific author, is a member of the SPR. Read more
2 Jul 2017
The SPR's Psi Open Data project, an open repository for parapsychological and psychical research, is live. Read more
1 Jul 2017
Paranormal Review editor Dr Leo Ruickbie has added his editorial and the contents list of the latest issue to his website. Read more
30 Jun 2017
White Crow Books has published an extract from a classic book which contains numerous references to the SPR. Read more
27 Jun 2017
SPR member Ashley Knibb has produced a structured notebook to assist paranormal researchers document their investigations. Read more
25 Jun 2017
Dr Carlos Alvarado has published an article on early psychology congresses, in which SPR personnel were heavily involved. Read more