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24 Jun 2019
Psi in the News is back. David Metcalfe summarize news on his blog Read more
23 Jun 2019
CONFERENCE: The Edinburgh Fortean Society has arranged a one day conference, to be held at St Johns Church, 13 July, 2019. Read more
18 Jun 2019
A special issue of the Journal of Parapsychology is freely available through the Parapsychological Association. Read more
17 Jun 2019
LECTURE: The artist Susan MacWilliam will give a talk about her exhibition The Telepaths, 22 June 2019, 2pm, Golden Thread Gallery. Read more
7 Jun 2019
The Institut für Grenzgebiete der Psychologie und Psychohygiene (IGPP) call for applications for the Fanny Moser award. Read more
2 Jun 2019
In the final episode of Victorian Sensations psychotherapist Philippa Perry returns to the 1890s to explore how the late Victorian passion for science co-existed with a deeply held belief in the paranormal. Read more
23 May 2019
New entries are still being added to the Psi Encyclopedia. Recently, Leo Ruickbie, editor of Paranormal Review, contributed an entry about witchcraft. Read more
21 May 2019
SPR council member Dr Tom Ruffles has written a blog post about the exhibition Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Magic. Read more
14 May 2019
Michael Tymn has written a blog post about the controversial medium Marthe Béraud. Read more
14 May 2019
Dr Ann Kennedy Smith has written a blog post about Eleanor Sidgwick, former President of the SPR. Read more