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18 Aug 2017
The SPR's Psi Open Data Project has received further datasets. Read more
17 Aug 2017
SPR Council member John Fraser will be speaking to the London Fortean Society on 25 October about his research into The Cage, St Osyth, Essex. Read more
16 Aug 2017
Michael Tymn writes on the White Crow Books website about book tests conducted by SPR member Charles Drayton Thomas. Read more
5 Aug 2017
Robert Searle has written a blog post on Ron Pearson and 'survival physics' which refers to research by SPR members. Read more
4 Aug 2017
The SPR's Twitter feed has just reached its 10,000th tweet. Read more
3 Aug 2017
Artist Grace A Williams was recently awarded a bursary to study the SPR's archive, and discusses her experience in a short film. Read more
1 Aug 2017
The August issue of Psychic News has an article by SPR vice-president Bernard Carr, 'Making Time and Space for Mind and Spirit' . Read more
31 Jul 2017
The blog of the Institute for the Study of Religious and Anomalous Experience carries a brief description of a study carried out by three SPR members. Read more
25 Jul 2017
An article on the Collective Evolution website cites a report which includes a reference to the joint SPR/Parapsychological Association conference which was held in Cambridge in 1982. Read more
18 Jul 2017
The London première of Mark Simpson's The Immortal, inspired by Frederic Myers, will receive its London premiere at the BBC Proms. Read more