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Adrian Ryan

Adrian Ryan is a freelance business systems analyst for the financial services industry. His interests include the study of the association between ESP, geomagnetic activity and local sidereal time; laboratory experimentation, particularly remote viewing; and experiment design. Adrian is keen to represent the views of younger members of the society and was a co-founder of the psi-in-the-pub network.

Buckmaster Oversight Committee

Oversees publications projects funded by the legacy of Nigel Buckmaster, including the creation of the Psi Encyclopedia

Chairman: Dr Richard Broughton

Members: Prof. Bernard Carr, John Fraser, Dr Graham KiddAlan Murdie, Adrian Ryan, Dr Zofia Weaver


Editorial Board

Provides academic editorial advice for the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research

Chairman: Prof. Chris Roe

Members: Prof. Stephen Braude, Dr Richard Broughton, Prof. Bernard Carr, Prof. Deborah Delanoy, Dr Alan GauldProf. Adrian Parker, Prof. John PoyntonAdrian Ryan, Dr Stefan Schmidt, Dr Paul Stevens, Prof. Caroline Watt

Research Grants Committee

Distributes grants to support research in a number of areas.

Chairman: Adrian Ryan

Members: Prof. Deborah Delanoy,  Dr Richard Broughton, Prof. Bernard Carr, Dr Alan Gauld, Prof. Caroline Watt