Melvyn Willin

Dr Melvyn J. Willin, BMus, MMus, PhD, LRAM, joined the SPR in 1992 and since then he has published articles in the Journal and Paranormal Review on his two main fields of research, namely, music and witchcraft. (Books were published on these subjects in 2005, 2007 and 2008). In his role as Hon. Archives Liaison Officer he regularly explores and adds to the wealth of material that is housed in the London and Cambridge libraries. He houses the audio-visual collection at his secure premises and has an in-depth knowledge of its content. Melvyn held a part-time Perrott-Warrick scholarship in 2009 researching the musical perspective of near-death experiences.

Directing the Essex Guitar Orchestra has involved the management of a group numbering up to sixty people. Concerts have been given throughout Britain, Europe, the Far East, Australia and the USA. Other musical activities have included the directing of a medieval music group; conducting choirs and orchestras; playing double bass in major concert venues; composing and arranging music and the publishing of two guitar tutor books. Several recordings have been made and a number of pupils have become respected professional guitarists.

He currently lives in a 15th Century thatched cottage in Essex with two Triceratopses and a dragon.

Selected Publications

PhD Theses

Paramusicology, PhD thesis. February, 1999. University of Sheffield.

Music in Pagan and Witchcraft Ritual and Culture, PhD thesis. October 2004. University of Bristol.

Articles and Chapters in Books

A Ganzfeld Experiment Using Musical Targets. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 1996, 61 (842), 1-17.

A Ganzfeld Experiment Using Musical Targets With Previous High Scorers From The General Population. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 1996, 61 (843), 103-108.

Music From Beyond The Veil - Or Within Ourselves? The Skeptic, 1996, 10, (5-6), 37-40.

Music And Spiritualism Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 1997, 62 (848), 46-57.

Music and the Paranormal Classical Music, 14 February 1998, (600), 36-37.

Paranormal Manifestations of Music Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 2000, 64.2 (859), 93-108.

Investigation of an Alleged Poltergeist Case. Paranormal Review, April 2001,18, 3-5.

Music and the Paranormal. Music & Psyche, 1, November 2001, 74-84.

Paranormal Phenomena in British Witchcraft and Wiccan Culture with Special Reference to Spellcraft. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 2007, 71.2, (887), 65-79

Music and Death: An Exploration of the Place Music has at the Time of Human Death with Special Emphasis on the NDE. Magazine of the Society for Psychical Research, April 2011, 58, 3-10.

Articles on music for The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft in Western Tradition. (Richard M. Golden editor. ABC-Clio Ltd 2006)

Chapter on music in The Quest for the Wicker Man (Luath Press 2006)

Chapter on music and the paranormal in Ashgate Research Companion to Paranormal Cultures (2013)

Chapter on music and death in Paracoustics: Sound and the Paranormal (Steven Parsons & Callum Cooper editors. White Crow Books 2015)

Various articles for the online Psi-Encyclopedia. (Society for Psychical Research 2016)


Music, Witchcraft and the Paranormal

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Anomalous Acoustic Phenomena (Triple CD) (Freiburg Institute, Germany: 2007).

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