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Bernard Carr

Prof. Bernard J. Carr, MA, PhD joined the Society in 1972, was co-opted to Council in 1975 and became an elected Member of Council in 1977. Formerly a Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, he is now Emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Queen Mary University of London. He served as President of the Society from 2000 to 2004. He was appointed as a Vice President in 2004. Carr is currently President of the Scientific and Medical Network.

His books include "Quantum Black Holes" and "Universe or Multiverse?" and he is also interested in the role of consciousness in physics. He is developing a new psycho-physical paradigm, linking matter and mind, which accommodates both normal and paranormal mental experiences. 

Selected Publications

Bernard Carr (ed.), Universe or Multiverse? Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Buckmaster Oversight Committee

Oversees publications projects funded by the legacy of Nigel Buckmaster, including the creation of the Psi Encyclopedia

Chairman: Dr Richard Broughton

Members: Prof. Bernard Carr, John Fraser, Dr Graham KiddAlan Murdie, Adrian Ryan, Dr Zofia Weaver


Conference Programme Committee

Organises the Society's annual international conference, usually held in early September

Chairman: Prof. Adrian Parker

Members: Prof. Bernard Carr, Prof. Chris RoeDr Alan Gauld, Nemo MörckAlan Murdie, Dr Tom Ruffles

Editorial Board

Provides academic editorial advice for the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research

Chairman: Prof. Chris Roe

Members: Dr Carlos Alvarado, Prof. Stephen Braude, Dr Richard Broughton, Prof. Bernard Carr, Prof. Deborah Delanoy, Dr Alan GauldProf. Adrian Parker, Prof. John PoyntonAdrian Ryan, Dr Stefan Schmidt, Dr Paul Stevens, Prof. Caroline Watt

Education and Publicity Committee

Co-ordinates and publicises educational activities 

Chairman: Prof. Bernard Carr

Members: Dr Deborah EricksonRobert McLuhan, Nemo MörckProf. Chris Roe, Dr Tom Ruffles, Dr Leo Ruickbie

Research Grants Committee

Distributes grants to support research in a number of areas.

Chairman: Prof. Deborah Delanoy

Members: Dr Richard Broughton, Prof. Bernard Carr, Dr Alan Gauld, Adrian Ryan