Julie Rousseau

Julie Rousseau, BSc (Hons), is a business strategy consultant in retail ecommerce, with a particular focus on organizational design and change management. With a degree in Mathematics, she has provided decision support in areas as diverse as fisheries management, aeronautics and new business development. She is a Scientific Advisor to the Center for Systems Philosophy, promoting interdisciplinary and systems approaches to the study of anomalous phenomena, and has a particular interest in the mechanisms by which new ideas catalyse social transformation. She joined the SPR in 1994 and has been a member of Council since 2002. She served as the SPR’s Hon Website Manager from 2006 to 2014, introducing online subscription and membership management, and providing tools for non-technical volunteers to add editorial content to the website easily. She is a co-founder of the Library of Exploratory Science, which houses the SPR’s Online Library.