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Alan Murdie

Alan has been a member of the SPR since 1997 and was co-opted to the Council 1999. He is a lawyer by profession and has investigated spontaneous cases both in Britain and abroad. He is chairman of The Ghost Club.

Conference Programme Committee

Organises the Society's annual international conference, usually held in early September

Chairman: Prof. Adrian Parker

Members: Prof. Bernard Carr, Prof. Chris RoeDr Alan Gauld, Nemo MörckAlan Murdie, Dr Tom Ruffles

Spontaneous Cases Committee

Handles reports received from the general public concerning anomalous phenomena, ranging from precognitive dreams to sightings of apparitions

Chairman: Alan Murdie

Members: Dr Barrie Colvin, Dr Callum Cooper, Paul Cropper, John Fraser, Dr Graham Kidd, Ashley Knibb, Rita Leek, Dr John Newton, Steve Parsons, Dr Leo Ruickbie, James Tacchi, Dr Zofia Weaver, Ciaran Farrell