Prof. Adrian Parker

After qualifying in clinical psychology at the Tavistock Clinic, Adrian Parker was the recipient of the Perrott-Warrick Studentship in psychical research, Trinity College, Cambridge. and became the first to gain a UK doctorate with a thesis on altered states and ESP from the University of Edinburgh. His doctoral work co-innovated the technique, known as the psi-ganzfeld, of reproducing psychic-like experiences in the laboratory.  He is the author of the book States of Mind and has over a hundred publications on altered states of consciousness and psychic experiences.

Parker has also worked in child psychiatry and studied medical sciences before accepting a position at Gothenburg University, when a major award from the Swedish Bank Jubilee Fond (Riksbanken) enabled the development of the “Real Time Digital Ganzfeld” which is now a benchmark procedure for studying high-quality psi (psychic) events in the laboratory.

Parker is Professor at Gothenburg University, where he is currently carrying out research into lucid dream states and exceptional experiences amongst twins and teaches an international course on “Consciousness Studies and Psychical Research.”  

He was elected by the Council in May 2021 as President of the Society.

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