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25 Oct 2021
Web Event: The Swedish SPR is hosting Dr Bernardo Kastrup for an online webinar: Can consciousness survive with Idealism? - not possible with physicalism or dualism? November 4, 2021. Read more
24 Oct 2021
The Dutch SPR has introduced a new award to encourage students from all over the world to engage in robust scientific research of anomalous and scientifically controversial phenomena ... Every two years a prize of 2500 euros is awarded to a student or a group of students. Read more
14 Oct 2021
The Media of Mediumship project has resulted in a series of events of interest. The events are listed on the Science+ Media Museum's website. Read more
14 Oct 2021
Web Event: The Swedish SPR is hosting Dr. Eben Alexander for an online webinar on Near-death Experiences, the Science of Consciousness – and the Evolution of Humankind. October 14, 2021. Read more
11 Aug 2021
CANCELLED Web Event: The Swedish SPR is hosting Prof. Charles Tart for an online webinar on Here There Be Treasures? Dragons? Some Unfinished Explorations in Psychical Research, September 30, 2021. Read more
10 Aug 2021
We are sad to note the death of Dr Carlos S. Alvarado, who died 16 July 2021, aged 66. Read more
8 Aug 2021
Grants are now available for parapsychological research from the John Björkhem Memorial foundation. Read more
1 Jun 2021
At a meeting of the Council in May 2021, Prof. Adrian Parker was elected as the new President of the Society and retiring president Prof. Chris Roe was appointed as a Vice President. Read more
16 Apr 2021
Dr Charlotte Martial and Géraldine Fontaine, both members of the Coma Science Group, in collaboration with the University of Brussels, are running a survey, Cross-cultural Study Exploring Near-death Experiences, and need participants. Read more
15 Apr 2021
The Parapsychological Association (PA) has published a Call for Papers for the online meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) and the PA, July 23 – 31, 2021 Read more