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23 Feb 2022
Dark Cognition written by SPR council member Dr. David Vernon has received a Parapsychological Association Book Award. Read more
28 Jan 2022
The Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies (BICS) have announced that they are "searching for talented, wide-bandwidth communication professionals with experience and knowledge of the survival of consciousness research field" Read more
27 Jan 2022
The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre has uploaded an interesting series of talks by, among others, Prof. Dean Radin, Dr. David Luke, SPR council members Prof. Chris Roe and Prof. Bernard Carr. Read more
27 Jan 2022
SPR council member Prof. Chris Roe has appeared on New Thinking Allowed. Read more
27 Jan 2022
SPR council member Dr. Leo Ruickbie has appeared on New Thinking Allowed. Read more
25 Jan 2022
WEB EVENT: The Swedish Society for Psychical Research has arranged a webinar with Prof. Edward Kelly and John Cleese. February 10, 2022. Read more
23 Jan 2022
Call for papers: Women and Parapsychology 2022 Read more
23 Jan 2022
Biofield Research Fellowship Program: Six grants of up to $20,000 USD are awarded annually through a competitive application and selection process. Read more
30 Nov 2021
Dr Elizabeth Roxburgh. Dr David Vernon, and Dr Malcolm Schofield are running an online survey. Read more
28 Nov 2021
Dr. Michael Sudduth has published a blog post about a forthcoming article about James Leininger. Read more