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2 Oct 2019
Chris Phillips has created an useful online index Psi Data Read more
2 Oct 2019
New entries are still being added to the Psi Encyclopedia. Recently, Dr James Matlock contributed an entry about Dreams and Past-Life Memory. Another recently added entry is about the American Society for Psychical Research. Read more
30 Sep 2019
The Guardian has published an article, Psychic future: what next for the ‘precog economy’?, by Amelia Tait about premonitions and remote viewing. Read more
26 Sep 2019
SPR Council member Dr Callum Cooper recently appeared on New Thinking Allowed, to disuss the psychic Alex Tanous. Read more
20 Sep 2019
Dr Steve Taylor has written a blog post about Hypnotic Healing for Psychology Today. Read more
2 Sep 2019
Dr Matthew Tompkins has written an interesting article, The two illusions that tricked Arthur Conan Doyle, for BBC Future. Read more
28 Aug 2019
Robert Radaković's Ph.D. dissertation, Beyond Faith and Reason: The Genesis of Psychical Research and the Search for the Paranormal Domain (1850-1914), recently became freely available online. Read more
28 Aug 2019
Alan Prendergast has written an interesting article, Searching for Bridey Murphy, Pueblo's Paranormal Queen, for Westword. The book The Search for Bridey Murphy by Morey Bernstein was a bestseller in the 1950s and evoked much controversy. Read more
19 Aug 2019
A cryptanalyst Richard Bean has solved a cipher left by Robert Thouless (President of the SPR, 1942-1944). Read more
15 Aug 2019
Applications are invited for two fully-funded PhD Studentships to undertake research in the area of the psychology of mental mediumship. These studentships will commence on October 1, 2019 and the successful candidates will be based at the University of Northampton. Read more