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We are saddened to learn of the death of Prof. Rex G. Stanford. He is best known for the Psi-mediated Instrumental Research (PMIR) model. Read more
The BIAL Foundation is offering grants: "With the aim of encouraging research into the healthy human being, both from the physical and spiritual point of view and particularly in fields largely still unexplored but which warrant further scientific analysis" Read more
Canterbury Christ Church University welcomes applications for two full-time PhD scholarships this year. One of the available projects is Exploring the Lived Experience and Psychological Correlates of Tulpamancy (Conjured Imaginary Companions). NB: Closing date, 13 June 2022. Read more
The British Psychological Society (BPS) Psychotherapy Section has arranged an expert-meeting on clinical approaches of exceptional experiences, to be held at the BPS London office: 30 Tabernacle Street, London, 13-14 May, 2022. Read more
The Guardian has published an extract from The Premonitions Bureau, by Sam Knight. Read more
Graham Nicholls - Zoom Web Event - The Science & Theory of Out-of-Body Experiences at Online via Zoom. THIS TALK WAS POSTPONED AND WILL NOW BE GIVEN ON 25TH APRIL. If you were previously registered for this event with the original date, your registration is valid for the new date. Read more
We have updated the list of used books available (UK only) in our BookShop Read more
In the wake of the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies essay contest SPR council member Dr. Leo Ruickbie was interviewed for the Express. Read more
WEB EVENT: The Swedish Society for Psychical Research has arranged a webinar, Consciousness, the human heart and the global energetic field environment, with Dr Rollin McCraty. May 12, 2022. Read more
WEB EVENT: The Swedish Society for Psychical Research has arranged a webinar, Psychometry, eco-consciousness and exceptional experiences, with Prof. Christine Simmonds-Moore. April 28, 2022. Read more